Hometown Walk

It was time I had a walk around my home town of Leeds, my mate was coming up for a photo walk so it was time to see what the old town could show us.

I find it quite difficult to shoot in Leeds as I know the city so well, it’s probably over familair to me. The city centre can be really busy too so I spend a lot of time south of the river as it’s quieter.

On this particular outing though the sun was shining, the city felt warm and alive and it was good to show Chris my view of things.

Really starting to get a feel for the Fuji X100V, I’m starting to see things through the 35mm equivalent focal length, I still won’t say I’m a big fan of this focal length though, however it is starting to grow on me.

Colour shots are Classic Neg (mostly) maybe the odd Provia shot as I somehow managed to set that film sim by accident, mono is Acros +R as usual. All shot on Fuji X100V. Only camera I’ve got!

The Old Golf Club

I took a walk down the road the other day to see what remains of the old Lofthouse Hill Golf Club near Wakefield.

The golf club has been closed for a few years now, all the greens and fairways are overgrown and it’s pretty much just used by dog walkers now. There are old cars and vans barracading the entrance and exit to the car park and the whole place is looking worse for wear.

Quite recently the clubhouse caught fire and was destroyed, so I wanted to document this before it was demolished.

It’s a real shame that this has happened to what was a lovely course and clubhouse, hopefully someone will buy it and return it to its former glory.

All shots are Acros + Red filter. Fuji x100V.

A Great British Journey

November 2021

This outing was a trip a mate of mine and I had been planning for a quite a while.

The Great British Car Journey is a museum situated in Derbyshire which charts the British car journey from the 1930’s up until present day. There’s everything from classics to family cars to super cars. You can even book to drive a classic car, unfortunately we weren’t able to do that on the day we went. There’s a good cafe too and it’s not too expensive.

You can find out more about this new museum here: https://greatbritishcarjourney.com

It’s a great outing for anyone interested in cars, I love cars and taking photos of them, so again this was another ideal day out for me.

This was my first proper outing with the X100V. So it was good to put it through its paces in some challenging lighting. I think it coped pretty well.

All shots taken in Provia film simulation – I usually shoot Pro Neg Hi but on the later Fuji cameras I’ve found the reds to be a bit pink for my tastes, on the V though, shooting Provia the reds seem properly red. Fuji x100V.

The S to The V…

November 2021

I took the X-T20 and 18-55 on a last trip to Blackpool in October when we went to see the lights. We had a great weekend and did a lot of walking. Took some reasonable shots but nothing I couldn’t have taken with a fixed lens. Plus after a couple of days of marching up and down the promenade with a camera bag, in a backpack with a couple of extra bits my shoulders and my back knew about it.

It was time to stop carrying more than I needed and go full time with the one camera one lens setup that I’d been experimenting with for the past 6 months.

I decided to upgrade my X100 camera to the V, as this was going to be my only camera for the foreseeable. There are many reasons to upgrade from an S to a V, but for me it was the better lens, better screen/viewfinder, better low light performace and a lot more film simulations – the S was quite limited, not so on the V.

The image below is one of the first I took with the V, close up with the lens wide open at f2, I used the Classic Neg film simulation, I was going to go for a super punchy Velvia vibe with this one but I think the Classic Neg really carries the shot. The new lens is super shartp too which you can see very clearly here. Fuji x100V.

Autumn Colours
New film simulation and a new lens, two of the big upgrades I really like on the X100V