That There London

August 2021

A trip to London with the kids, after two days running around Thorpe Park it was time to see the bright lights of the big city.

I love London, it’s like another world, it’s a multi-cultural multi-architectural melting pot, there’s alway something happening and always something to see. We also dropped lucky with the weather on this trip, not bad for August!

In amongst all the plans for the kids, I still managed to fit in some photography time, need to spend a lot more time down here, even if I spent a month in London I still couldn’t see it all.

Monochrome + Red Filter for the Black & White shots, colour is Pro-Neg Hi as usual. Fuji x100s.

Beetles Town

September 2021

A birthday trip to Liverpool was on the cards, I’d never been so I was really excited to see what the city had to offer.

Rain. And lots of it. When we arrived it was absolutely throwing it down, so arrival day was drinks and food day whilst the weather cleared, which thankfully it did pretty quickly.

Liverpool has some brilliant bars and restaurants and if you like live music, this really is the place for you.

The following day nursing a slight hangover it was time to have a walk around to see what this amazing city had to offer for the budding photographer, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Mostly Pro Neg Hi and Monochrome + Red Filter. The really punchy shots are Velvia. Fuji x100s.

North Wales and a Camera Decision

June 2021

A week to North Wales was on the cards and I was still getting used to the one camera one lens mindset. A day out I could definitely work with, but a week not knowing what photographic opportunities laid ahead? I had to take everything!

I packed my Fuji X-T20, 18-55, 55-200 and my X100s. This was before I sold off the X-T20 and lenses. I was stressing about what shots I’d miss instead of thinking about the shots I’d be able to take with a very simple setup.

Once we got to North Wales, the X-T20 was unpacked from the car and stored in the bottom of the wardrobe. The next time it left the wardrobe was to go back in the car, I never used it.
This trip really cemented my thoughts on running a one camera one lens setup. It’s incredibly versitile and I didn’t miss a shot.

Mostly Pro Neg Hi and Monochrome + Red Filter. Probably a couple of Velvia’s in there too.
Fuji x100s.

Ripley Castle Car Show

May 2021

Another May outing and why not? we’ve had great weather this and a car show came up, I’ve loved cars since I was a kid so the opportunity to take the camera out and photograph something I love was just the ticket. Fab location at Ripley Castle up in North Yorkshire.

Gleaming and some not so gleaming classics captured in mostly Pro Neg-Hi with just a drop of Monochrome + Red filter thrown in for good measure. Fuji x100s.

A First Outing And Some Very Large Windmills

May 2021

First time out with the x100s, headed out to Hook Moor Wind Farm near Leeds. It was a really hot and sunny day, even got a bit burnt! Took these shots inbetween playing with drones. Until you’ve been to a wind farm, you cannot get a feel for how large these things are!

It was really interesting to just have one lens to shoot with, it really made me have to think about the shots I was taking. Really enjoyed the experience.

B&W shots are Monochrome + Red Filter, colour shots are Pro Neg-Hi. Fuji x100s.