North Wales and a Camera Decision

June 2021

A week to North Wales was on the cards and I was still getting used to the one camera one lens mindset. A day out I could definitely work with, but a week not knowing what photographic opportunities laid ahead? I had to take everything!

I packed my Fuji X-T20, 18-55, 55-200 and my X100s. This was before I sold off the X-T20 and lenses. I was stressing about what shots I’d miss instead of thinking about the shots I’d be able to take with a very simple setup.

Once we got to North Wales, the X-T20 was unpacked from the car and stored in the bottom of the wardrobe. The next time it left the wardrobe was to go back in the car, I never used it.
This trip really cemented my thoughts on running a one camera one lens setup. It’s incredibly versitile and I didn’t miss a shot.

Mostly Pro Neg Hi and Monochrome + Red Filter. Probably a couple of Velvia’s in there too.
Fuji x100s.