Hometown Walk

It was time I had a walk around my home town of Leeds, my mate was coming up for a photo walk so it was time to see what the old town could show us.

I find it quite difficult to shoot in Leeds as I know the city so well, it’s probably over familair to me. The city centre can be really busy too so I spend a lot of time south of the river as it’s quieter.

On this particular outing though the sun was shining, the city felt warm and alive and it was good to show Chris my view of things.

Really starting to get a feel for the Fuji X100V, I’m starting to see things through the 35mm equivalent focal length, I still won’t say I’m a big fan of this focal length though, however it is starting to grow on me.

Colour shots are Classic Neg (mostly) maybe the odd Provia shot as I somehow managed to set that film sim by accident, mono is Acros +R as usual. All shot on Fuji X100V. Only camera I’ve got!