Or… An Unexpected Photographic Journey.

May 2021

I’ve loved photography for many years now although I don’t class myself to be a good photographer, I enjoy taking pictures, hoping that one day I’ll be able to take a decent shot.

I’ve been through almost every camera system you can think of, from a tiny Kodak compact camera to full frame DSLRs and bags full of lenses and I finally think I’ve come full circle.

I had a break from photography for a couple of years and sold all my gear, then last year I picked up a Fuji X-T20 and started to collect another bag of lenses, something I told myself I’d never do.

So in May I picked up a mint Fuji x100s and the experience was liberating, just one camera and one lens, I shot with it pretty much exclusively for the past 6 months and I got to thinking that this simplistic non back breaking shoulder aching approach is something I should adopt.

I’ve since sold my X-T20 as it never got a look in once the x100s arrived and I’ve now upgrade my only camera to the x100V. This blog is a collection of images that I’ve shot with just one camera and one lens, starting with the S and then moving on to the V, in the hope that my photos will improve and that I can become more confident in the images that I produce.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the pics.


My new toy, a mint condition Fuji X100S. Excuse the picture quality, this was taken by my iPhone.