A Great British Journey

November 2021

This outing was a trip a mate of mine and I had been planning for a quite a while.

The Great British Car Journey is a museum situated in Derbyshire which charts the British car journey from the 1930’s up until present day. There’s everything from classics to family cars to super cars. You can even book to drive a classic car, unfortunately we weren’t able to do that on the day we went. There’s a good cafe too and it’s not too expensive.

You can find out more about this new museum here: https://greatbritishcarjourney.com

It’s a great outing for anyone interested in cars, I love cars and taking photos of them, so again this was another ideal day out for me.

This was my first proper outing with the X100V. So it was good to put it through its paces in some challenging lighting. I think it coped pretty well.

All shots taken in Provia film simulation – I usually shoot Pro Neg Hi but on the later Fuji cameras I’ve found the reds to be a bit pink for my tastes, on the V though, shooting Provia the reds seem properly red. Fuji x100V.

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