The S to The V…

November 2021

I took the X-T20 and 18-55 on a last trip to Blackpool in October when we went to see the lights. We had a great weekend and did a lot of walking. Took some reasonable shots but nothing I couldn’t have taken with a fixed lens. Plus after a couple of days of marching up and down the promenade with a camera bag, in a backpack with a couple of extra bits my shoulders and my back knew about it.

It was time to stop carrying more than I needed and go full time with the one camera one lens setup that I’d been experimenting with for the past 6 months.

I decided to upgrade my X100 camera to the V, as this was going to be my only camera for the foreseeable. There are many reasons to upgrade from an S to a V, but for me it was the better lens, better screen/viewfinder, better low light performace and a lot more film simulations – the S was quite limited, not so on the V.

The image below is one of the first I took with the V, close up with the lens wide open at f2, I used the Classic Neg film simulation, I was going to go for a super punchy Velvia vibe with this one but I think the Classic Neg really carries the shot. The new lens is super shartp too which you can see very clearly here. Fuji x100V.

Autumn Colours
New film simulation and a new lens, two of the big upgrades I really like on the X100V

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